Sportsball: Jaden Mattison

Alyssa Byrum is a very talented young athlete here at STEM. She is captain of her soccer team, the u17 Invicta, but she wasn’t just given this role. After nine years of hard work and dedication, Alyssa finally gained the role of team captain. Wondering what drove her to such dedication for the sport she said, “I have been playing for 9 years of my life. I have found peace in playing and am interested to go further with this opportunity I have been given.” Curious on how far Alyssa’s soccer career could go, I decided to research soccer scholarships. I found out the NCAA Division I Soccer team scholarships are given to more women than men. Also, the scholarships that are given to women are generally better than those that are given to men. This allows more talented high school women athletes like Alyssa to better their chance to pursue their dreams of becoming a professional soccer player. I think with her talent and the amazing role model Lionel Messi, Alyssa could achieve many great things.


The Rookies Road


Name: Kadrin Mattison

Age: Six

Height: 46 inches

Academics: Currently in school

Sports Background: Soccer, baseball, football, karate and basketball

Kadrin Mattison is like most six-year-old boys. He enjoys to play with friends, he goes to school and loves to be active. Unlike other six-year-old boys, he is active in almost every sport possible. Kadrin loves to play soccer and football, but in his off seasons, he plays baseball or basketball. Knowing that he plays multiple sports, I decided to follow his story and see where his career goes. The Rookies Road is a vlog designed to follow him on his journey as he goes through different seasons with different sports. It starts off with his football team and if you look at the video below you can see he’s above average in his skillset.

Caption of the video

Kadrin’s team is 3-0 currently and he averages about eighteen points a game.


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