A Twist in Time

A tale of three young adult novels with the same leading female actress converging…

Lilly’s character: Tris Prior from the Divergent Series

Marlee’s character: Hazel From The Fault In Our Stars

Alara’s character: Amy from the Secret Life of an American Teenager

Setting: Roller-skating Rink


(Tris is skating at the roller rink, when Hazel walks in)

(Hazel gets her skates from the attendant) (Talks to attendant without making noise)

(Hazel down sits on a sky blue bench laces up her shoes)

(Hazel begins to skate in the rink, but as soon as she does, she and Tris collide. They both fall over and moan in pain)


Tris: (To Hazel) Look what the cat dragged in. I thought we already decided that this is my roller rink.

Hazel: What are you talking about?! I don’t even know you!

Tris: Oh, so that’s excuse this time. (Rolls her eyes)

Hazel: I still don’t know what you’re talking about!

Tris: So that’s how it’s gonna be?

(Amy comes in and starts to roller skate, Hazel and Tris are arguing, when…)

Amy: Hey! Hey! Break it up!

Tris: Oh, so you brought back-up! Get out of my roller rink!

Hazel: Let’s try not to make a scene.

(People skating in the roller rink turn their heads and stare at the scene)

Amy: I hate to be a bother, but what makes this YOUR roller rink?

Tris: Because I was here first!

Amy: So what? That makes you own the place?

Hazel: And why exactly does that mean I can’t be here?

Tris: You can’t watch where you’re going! The last time you were here, you bumped into me, twice! This is now the 3rd time! And by the way, before Abnegation was eliminated, my mother’s uncle’s cousin’s niece’s divorced husband’s 2nd brother owned this roller rink, so technically it’s mine.

Hazel: Technically, it’s not. Anyway, this is my first time here so I couldn’t have bumped into you before.

(Moving her hands to her hips)

(Amy turns towards Hazel)

Amy: Can you believe this girl? I feel sorry you have to deal with her. My name is Amy, it’s nice to meet you.

Hazel: Nice to meet you too. This is crazy I don’t even know her!

Tris: Umm… excuse me??? Can you believe this AMY girl?

Amy: Look, sweetie, what’s your name?

Tris: Can’t believe you don’t know me, I’m Tris Prior! Duh!

Amy: Don’t you think you could let….uh….(Gestures at hazel)

Hazel: Hazel.

Amy: Hazel here, skate? I mean, she just apologized for knocking into you, surely you could let it slide. She’s just learning so maybe be a bit kinder.

Hazel: I am not just learning and besides she bumped into me.

Tris: Ok, first off, aren’t you sick anyways? And second, you bumped into me.

Hazel: Whatever you say, now I’m going to skate.

Tris: But I told you, you can’t skate here! Stop bumping into me! Do you want me to call Tobias here because I will bring my own back-up too!

Hazel: Ugh. (Skates away ignoring Tris)

Tris: Don’t you leave me without putting up a fight!!!

Hazel: (Without looking back) I can do what I want.

Tris: (She thinks for a second, hesitates, then has an idea) Wait come here. Hold on a moment!!!! Wait!!!!

(Hazel skates back over)

Amy: What is it?

Tris: (Whispering to herself)Hold on… Let me see… Hazel… Hmm…

Hazel: What???

Tris: Ohhh, I thought you were Shailene Woodley! I guess not. That girl will not stop bumping into me when she is skating here and I’m sick of it!

Amy: Yeah we could tell!

Tris: So, do you guys want to skate with me? (Starts skating away slowly, they both follow)


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