Written by: Lailah Ligons

What I have done is not who I am

a sentence unfinished,

but written with plan.
oh, I’d gush about my selflessness

but who am I to say this

only others can think that of me, right?

so here I struggle to find my identity

is it my clothes? my hobbies? or is it my genetic makeup that makes me me?

yes and no

my identity is simply what makes me unique

every living being has a different one of these

lailah is odd, just let everyone else

I am opinionated and passionate

I don’t take pride in ignorance, I am sympathetic

I try not to let things get me down

I focus on the beauty all around

but my identity changes every second

SO, who am I?
what I have done is not who I am

I am a sentence unfinished

but, the punctuation is so far

I plan to spend my future giving

to those who need to receive

but, the punctuation is still SO far

so I’ll build my subject and predicate with inspiration from those around me

to create the most beautiful sentence I can

who I want to be



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